Our Current Herd Sires

Kenray Ranch does not believe in selecting herdsires simply based upon pedigree information and numbers. The bulls that walk the pastures at Kenray Ranch have undergone a strict selection process. Herdsires must be structurally sound and exhibit an abundance of red meat. A bull must have a reasonable birth weight without sacrificing weaning and yearling weights. In order for a bull to be used at Kenray Ranch he must be out of a top-producing female with a strong maternal background.

Kenray Ranch also utilizes A.I. to infuse the genetics of industry leading sires. Every year several females are also A.I. bred to foundation herdsires that have previously been used at Kenray Ranch.

For more information about our current herdsires & our foundation bulls scroll down and click on their names. If you are looking for more information about the bulls we have for sale you can visit our bulls for sale page here.

Red Moose Creek Horizon 48A

Red Kenray Yarbo 123A

Red SSS Staunch 64Y




Red Mar Mac Indicator 30Z





Red YY Designer 63X
Red Twin Heritage Soldier 9B